Q1: When and why is this website created?
A: This website, launched on September 16, 2016, is a social medium to celebrate the life and work of the late Master Fan Ho (1931 – 2016). It also serves as an official platform on behalf of Fan Ho Trust Estate for announcements and fact verification.

Q2: Is this an authenticated website of Fan Ho Trust Estate?
A: Yes. In addition to this website, there is also the authenticated Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FanHoForgetMeNot.

Q3: Who has the copyright of Master Fan Ho’s artworks?
A: Fan Ho Trust Estate is the only copyright owner of Master Fan Ho’s artworks.

Q4: Can I download images from this website?
A: All materials on this website are copyrighted to Fan Ho Trust Estate and are not intended for downloads.

Q5: Who is the current official and authorized representative for Master Fan Ho’s artworks?
A: The Blue Lotus Gallery is the sole authorized representative. Master Fan Ho had signed an exclusive representing agreement with Blue Lotus Gallery  in December 2015. This agreement continues in effect after the passing of Master Fan Ho. All other prior representations are therefore no longer valid or applicable.

Q6: Where do I go if I am interested in purchasing Master Fan Ho’s artworks?
A: Please contact Blue Lotus Gallery for inquiries and the sales of artworks.

Q7: Are there any vintages for sales?
A: Yes, autographed vintages by Master Fan Ho are still available for purchase through Blue Lotus Gallery.

Q8: Who is the contact if there is inquiry other than sales?
A: For general inquiries, the Fan Ho Trust Estate can be reached at Photographer.FanHo@gmail.com, Photographer.FanHo@outlook.com or Photographer.FanHo@yahoo.com. Blue Lotus Gallery remains the contact for sales and public relations of Master Fan Ho’s artworks.