© 2016 Fan Ho Trust Estate FanHo-ForgetMeNot.com

© 2016 Fan Ho Trust Estate FanHo-ForgetMeNot.com

About Us

This website was created and is administrated by the Fan Ho Trust and Estate (“Trust”), the succeeding sole copyright owner of all artwork of the late Mr. Fan Ho. The Trust has full legal standing and final authority in dealing with all copyright matters. The Trust can be reached at Photographer.FanHo@gmail.com.

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, the Trust is to extend the legacy of the late Master Ho's impactful imageries by moving towards a wider range of projects.

The FanHo-ForgetMeNot.com has been officially recognized by the Trust to preserve and to promote the work of Master Ho internationally. This website is to disseminate all relevant information including updates, news and anecdotes.  In collaboration with Blue Lotus Gallery Hong Kong, future events and activities will be launched and announced.

Blue Lotus Gallery is the only authorized representing agent of all Fan Ho's photography under the administration of the Trust. In 2015 Fan Ho signed an exclusive representation agreement with Blue Lotus Gallery which remains in effect after the passing of our beloved Master in June 2016.  

Thanks for visiting our website. For updates on news and events please follow our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/FanHoForgetMeNot.  The gallery can be reached at http://www.bluelotus-gallery.com.  The Trust can be reached at Photographer.FanHo@gmail.com (primary), Photographer.FanHo@yahoo.com or Photographer.FanHo@outlook.com.

本網站是經何藩產業信託受權的官方網站。何藩產業信託是唯一合法擁有何藩先生的版權所有。如有任何問題,請電郵本產業信託: Photographer.FanHo@gmail.com


FanHo-ForgetMeNot.com 是經何藩產業信託認可。透過日後的發展,上載何藩大師的軼事及訊息,並與香港Blue Lotus Gallery合作,舉辦相關活動。

Blue Lotus Gallery 是唯一經何藩產業信託認可的代理。此乃秉承何藩先生於2015年與Blue Lotus Gallery訂下的獨家代理合約,此合約有效至今。

謝謝你們閱讀本網站,本網訊息也連結到Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FanHoForgetMeNot. Blue Lotus Gallery的網站是:http://www.bluelotus-gallery.com. 何藩產業信託的聯絡電郵是:Photographer.FanHo@gmail.com (主)、Photographer.FanHo@yahoo.comPhotographer.FanHo@outlook.com.