Q1: When and why was this website created?
A: This website, launched in September 2016, celebrates the life and work of the late Fan Ho (1931 – 2016), whose photographs of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s inspired photographers worldwide. It also serves as an official platform for announcements and fact verification by Fan Ho’s Trust and Estate.

Q2: Is this the authenticate website of Fan Ho’s family?
A: Yes, Fan Ho Trust and Estate was formed by Fan Ho’s family and authenticated the setup of this Website. In addition to this website, there is also the authenticate Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FanHoForgetMeNot.

Q3: Who has the copyright of Fan Ho’s artworks?
A: Fan Ho’s Trust and Estate is the exclusive owner of the copyright in Fan Ho’s works.

Q4: Can I download images from this website?
A: No. The materials on this website are copyright Fan Ho’s Trust and Estate and are not for download.

Q5: Who is the authorized representative of Fan Ho?
A: Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong is the sole authorized representative for Fan Ho’s Trust and Estate. All other prior representations were revoked.

Q6: There are explicit remarks throughout this website about legal copyright ownership of Fan Ho’s artworks and on warning of possibly fraudulent misrepresentation. It seems there are confusions on both issues. Can you comment?
A: Fan Ho’s Trust and Estate commenced an action to address questions raised concerning ownership of the copyright in Fan Ho’s works in late December 2017. The dispute before the United States District Court for the Northern District of California was ultimately resolved amicably, and included confirmation of Fan Ho’s Trust and Estate are the sole owners of the copyright in his and derivative works.

Q7: Was there any lawsuit filed and can you provide information?
A: United States federal court proceedings are public records. They can be searched and viewed on various on-line venues such as pacer.gov (17-CV-06520-PJH).

Q8: Where do I go if I am interested in purchasing Fan Ho’s artwork?
A: Please contact Blue Lotus Gallery for inquiries and the sales of artwork.

Q9: Are there any vintages for sales?
A: Yes, autographed vintages by Fan Ho are still available for purchase through Blue Lotus Gallery.

Q10: Who can I contact for inquiries other than sales?
A: For general inquiries, Fan Ho’s Trust and Estate can be reached at Photographer.FanHo@gmail.com (primary), Photographer.FanHo@outlook.com or Photographer.FanHo@yahoo.com. For sales or press requests, please contact Blue Lotus Gallery


答:是的,這網站是由何藩家人成立的何藩產業信託認証。除了這個網站,還有https://www.facebook.com/FanHoForgetMeNot 的面書專頁。



答:香港藍蓮畫廊(Blue Lotus Gallery)是何藩產業信託的唯一授權代表。所有先前的代表,均被撤銷。





答:關於一般查詢,可以通過Photographer.FanHo@gmail.com(主),Photographer.FanHo@outlook.comPhotographer.FanHo@yahoo.com與何藩產業信託聯繫。有關銷售或公關問題,請聯繫Blue Lotus Gallery