A year later, Master Fan Ho takes you back to Hong Kong in the 50s and 60s


何藩 1957

"Photographer should engage in creative work in a rigorous and serious artistic manner: Not deliberately flattering others or becoming propaganda tool but demanding only the author's authentic 'self-expression'. Therefore, the photographer's solo exhibition is a mirror of his entire soul without any covering up in reflecting his unique views on life and the world: His thoughts and feelings, understandings and prejudices, even 'personal philosophy'.  Art is boundless.  It follows that the solo exhibition is not to boast one’s own achievement but is taken as an opportunity to look at oneself more closely in order to prepare for further creative work.  Thus, I still keep on pondering, searching, and experimenting in the pursuit of a higher ideal."

Fan Ho, 1957 (translation)

14 JUNE 2017 - 30 JUNE 2017  |   HONG KONG , click    here    to view catalog

14 JUNE 2017 - 30 JUNE 2017 | HONG KONG, click here to view catalog