Light and Shadow Club, San Jose, California, 1958

At 26, Master Fan Ho won 4 awards at International Salon of Photography, San Jose, California. 2 of the 4 prints were used inside the program catalogue.

Fan Ho Award-Winning Collection | 何藩大獎攝影大全

Master Fan Ho's publication in early 80s.

Happy Father's Day!|父親節快樂!

On the Father’s day of 2016, we were deeply saddened by Dad’s passing. The preparation of the new book and the exhibition since then has been a healing process for us. We still feel the sorrow, yet he will forever live in our hearts, and we hope our gift comes just in time on this Father’s day.

We are grateful for the support from our relatives, friends and fans of our Dad. He would have been very happy. While seeking fame and fortune was never his priority, he would have treasured Forget Me Not.

Fan Ho’s Daughter and Son




1966 Banbury England Best Film Award|一九六六年英國「賓巴利國際電影節冠軍」

Gulf 《離》directed by young Master Fan Ho won the "Best Film Award" at Banbury International Film Festival, England, 1966

A year later, Master Fan Ho takes you back to Hong Kong in the 50s and 60s

In association with Sotheby's and Blue Lotus Consultancy, Fan Ho Trust Estate is gratified to present "Visual Dialogues Hong Kong through the Lens of Fan Ho|何藩 : 鏡頭細訴香港光影", to celebrate the work of Master Fan Ho after a year of his departing.

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